Unity will create Opportunity

The first thing we will do is clean up Compton. We will clean our streets, medians, parkways, all the entrances to our city, vacant lots and abandoned buildings. We will beautify Compton. We will eliminate graffiti, enforce uniform sign codes and provide the colorful landscaping seen in surrounding cities. Next, we will attack our financial issues. We will complete and publish all the missing financial audits and we will comply with all of the suggested remedies outlined in the State Auditor's Report. We will launch a $15 million dollar Youth Investment Initiative, designed to put dollars will they count the most, Our Young People. We will provide job skills training and jobs. We will deter children from joining gangs and we will reduce our crime rate. We will do real Economic Development, which doesn't just put buildings in place. Every development should have a far reaching impact on our total community. This development will include REAL AFFORDABLE HOUSING. I want a Compton that serves ALL residents. We will include all races and ethnicities in the growth and development of the NEW COMPTON. I am dedicated to re-establishing citizen participation in government, and all citizens, black, Latino, white, Pacific-Islander, Asian and Native American will be invited to take a leadership role in Compton.