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We will Re-Invent Compton



Putting My Experience
to Work

My name is James Hays and I'm proud to be a candidate for Mayor of Compton. My family has deep roots in Compton, having moved here in 1962. My wife Charmaine and our children are all Compton natives. I know I have the solutions to many of our City's problems, and with your help, we can re-invent our city. I have worked in Compton government, served as a Planning Commissioner as well as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner.

I'm trained as a Scientist, and God has blessed me to also be a successful businessman for many years. I want to bring that background to the Mayor's office. I am an Inventor, who wants to Re-Invent Compton. I want a New Compton. A Compton we can be proud of. I pledge to create true transparenty and bring back the spirit of Citizen Participation.